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About Salty Dog Metalcraft

Hi pet owners. Thanks for visiting our website, we hope you enjoy some of the quirky pet tags.

We live in Ruby Bay near Nelson, New Zealand with our teenage son and three demanding dogs! Suffering the constant ‘nag’ from our pets to go for a walk, it’s a tough job… We love the outdoors and feel lucky to live in a place with a great climate and handy beach.

The ‘Salty Dog’ name is part of our life and we hope the Salty Dog pet tags bring you some laughs and enjoyment while you bling your pet. Thank you for your custom.

Salty Dog‘, the Origin…….

Salty Dog” is slang for your best friend. It comes from an old practice of rubbing salt onto hunting dogs to keep ticks off.

Since salt was in limited supply, you would only salt your favourite, best dog.

Our dogs love running at the beach and are always salty……and sandy.